Moissanite Engagement Rings


People are sometimes scared when they think of  buying an engagement ring. The scare is not about the life commitment that comes with it or because it's a first for them but all because of the cost that goes with buying an engagement ring.  There is a thumb rule that estimates an engagement ring to cost an average's person three months salary. Regardless of if you go with the thumb rule or not, an moissanite rings is still as costly.  However there are several ways that the cost of an engagement ring  can be toned down and be able to save money and buy other things that matter. Further, if a couple is really in love the cost of a ring should not be an issue.


There are several ways that the cost of an engagement ring can be economized. There are pseudo diamonds, synthetic, engagement rings that can only take a small diamond or even a ring that has cheap metals. This means that if one cannot afford a real diamond ring, then a moissanite engagement ring is the best option. The Moissanite stones occur naturally and are just like diamonds though not as expensive. These stones are hard and brilliant. They have a chemical called silicon carbide whose benefits are just a fraction of a diamond's cost.


Despite the fact that a Moissanite stone does not have a diamond's color it is also a colorless stone. Being the second gemstone that is very hard its durability is proven. Moissanite stones have a high brilliance more than diamonds and they have fire meaning they flash. We have seen that these stones occur naturally, it is not found with its natural state on earth, it is lab made. Therefore any jeweler should have the capacity to purchase the stone from a lab. To know more about engagement rings, visit


There are some things that need to be considered when analyzing the Moissanite's four C's.  Color it should be colorless with some certain undertone light. Brilliiant stones have a white appearance which makes them a popular choice for this stone. The yellow or green undertones are more pronounced with fancy cuts and a large stone and a more obvious natural color. A Moissanite stone is clear when compared to a diamond. There should be no flaws on the stone but these could be seen under magnification during the process of creation. The weight of the stone is the carat and what we are saying here is that a large stone is more likely to display its natural color. Finally, the cut of moissanite is vital as some of the cuts are not applicable to diamonds. If someone wants to cut a diamond to appear like a diamond that would be great. But one has to first get recommendations from a jeweler or lab for any cuts.